Should a professional photographer limit his or her photography to just one or two specialized areas, or is it better to be a generalist? Is it true that most businesses are far more likely to succeed when they do one thing exceedingly well rather than many things reasonably well? Is it possible to do many things exceedingly well? The answer is yes once you have worked with Lawrence.

Lawrence is a true professional generalist photographer/videographer who can capture anything. He categorizes his pool of work as architecture, conceptual, event, food, nature, people, product, scenery, sports, and wedding. He is known for his strong scientific theories in light, and for producing images right out of his camera without any or with very little post-processing work.

He often explains:

"Photography is a combination of art and science. Art is subjective; science is relative. If the definition of Psychology is the study of the psyche, then Photography is the study of light. I'm simply adjusting my camera settings to capture the light that is reflected off my subject. The intensity, the temperature, and the quality of the light."

Lawrence's passion in photography began  in 1987, when he earned his first camera and worked for his father, who was an architect at the time. In high school, he gained the trust of an art teacher, who gave him the key to the darkroom. Lawrence did pursued other studies in life before photography became an essential part of his life in 2001, and majored in photography at Langara College. Below are some of his early work shot on film:

Current Clients:



Kenji ROI



Alair Homes

Design Work Group

Wallmark Custom Homes

Vancouver Luxury Realty

EasyRent Real Estate Services

Past Clients:

VRX Studios Inc.

Sutton West Coast Realty

Vancouver Fashion Week

Abbotsford Heat Hockey Ltd.

Kyokushin Canada (IKOKC)

Vancouver Kyokushin Karate

Calgary Kyokushin Karate

Major League Global Enterprise Ltd.

Kohinoor Diamonds Ltd.

International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

BC Lions Football Club

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